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Ask me anything

I have answered tons of questions trough e-mail and social media. Usually giving advice or recommending products. These are the most common questions. Is your question not on the list? Feel free to ask it!

Ask a question!

Just remember that we each have our own unique perspectives and approaches to solving problems. When I give advice it's my advice and that you might not be 100% right. You should seek advice from as many people as possible.

What gear do you use?

I'm an absolute Gearhead and EDC person. On this 'uses' pages I've listed all the software, hardware and tools that I use.

What book(s) changed your life?

In terms of 'life advice', probably Deep Work and Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport. What if everything you knew about education by David Didau fundamentally changed the way I teach.

Will you do _insert service or request_ for free?

No, probably not. And please read Design is a Job by Mike Monteiro.

Should I do _insert thing here_?

It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks, do what you think is best. I can give advice but that's just my opinion.

How many people visit this website?

I don't know, and I don't want to know. No cookies or third-party tracking scripts are embedded on this site. Privacy is more important than metrics.

Can I fix something on your site?

Yea! I sometimes make typo's or break some CSS. You can create a new issue on the repository of this website.

Can we hop on a quick call or meet for coffee?

Probably not, but sometimes. I do speak with a lot of people if an idea sounds interesting (see “picking brains” from Jason Fried).

Can I use your content that you shared publicly?

Sure, go ahead! Everything I put on you can use based on the license of the GitHub repository. It would be nice if you could credit me.

Can you post my content on your site?

I don’t publish other people’s stuff. This is my personal site and I put whatever I want on here. I do share a ton of other people's work on social media.

Will you do my interview or podcast?

Yea! I will make time to do almost any interview or podcast.

Who made your website?

I did, in my spare time. The /colophon page lists the technology used in creating this website.

I need your corporate stuff!

If something has an exclamation mark on the end, is it a question? Dandevri is registered in the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce (VAT registered) under number 63938804.