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User Guide

This is basically a manual for people to 'shortcut' and understand my personality, quirks and values.

I'm not sure about putting this out there. It feels like 'exposing' a lot of personal information but it's also the best and fastest way to get to know me. This document is a living breathing thing and likely incomplete, I update it frequently.

I was criticized for being different. I stopped trying to fit in and did things my way, even if it's not what the rest is doing. I'm not perfect and make mistakes. We each have our own opinions, perspectives, and approaches to how we solve problems and that shape us as individuals.

It was quite uncomfortable to write this but writing this was also relieving. If you understand yourself you will know how to react in future situations.



Personality Patterns


Ocean Model




Inspiration from Rick Pastoor, Jay Desai & Alexander Klopping user guides. Personality and quirks are based on The Big Five Personality Test, MBTI® Basics, Grip and Full Time You.

Danny de Vries