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The Dandevri

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Hello World

Episode 1

Hi! I'm Danny de Vries (@dandevri), which you've probably already guessed from the title and artwork of this podcast. U like making stuff on the internet. I'm passionate about technology, privacy, time well spent, interfaces and building digital products.

I'm a lecturer and mentor at Communication and Multimedia Design, a human-centred and context-sensitive bachelor-level design education in the field of interactive digital products and services, at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. I lecture about designing for the web in the technical courses of our program such as; front-end, back-end & data visualization.


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Hello world. You're listening to the first episode of the Podcast, which is a work in progress title. My name is Danny de Vries. I'm a lecturer at communication and multimedia design, where an education program for design, at the Amsterdam university of applied sciences. I teach in the technical courses of our program, such as front end, back end and data visualization, anything that's building for the web.

That's of course where I, uh, where that's the courses where our teaching. Um, I'm passionate about technology, privacy interfaces, uh, and I also call myself like an India maker. I build a lot of digital products on the web. Uh, anything that's internet or web related, uh, I like to do. This podcast is going to be the audio versions of, uh, some of my articles I've written on my website.

So I'm going to be, so I'm going to talk into a microphone and, um, uh, read the articles. Sometimes people ask questions. So those are not articles, but I'm just going to answer them on this podcast. And I'll also post things, probably things like speaking engagements and, uh, talks I've given in audio format here.

So that's basically what this podcast is all about. You can find more about it on and the future episodes will be there. That will be a bit more description about myself and how this podcast comes together. And I hope to, uh, um. I hope that you'll listen and if you have any feedback, you can tweet me at @dandevri and I'll answer any questions or feedback you have over there.


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