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Weeknote 04

Weeknote 04

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Week: 4 ▪ Date: 2020-02-26

Last week (several times) students confused Design with Art. To me, design is not art, but design is definitely creative. The outcome is more focussed on function, it leans more towards the usability of the product than aesthetic appeal.

Over the last year, I accumulated a lot of small gear but guessed it was time to upgrade my Every Day Carry. First up, a Victorinox Huntsman to keep as a multi-tool in my bag.

I'm also starting to broaden my music horizon. I like classic house music but feel like I'm staying in my lane. Got some good suggestions for discovering new music and artists.

More to click


The outline for the JavaScript Bootcamp is finished. We feel like these are some of the core JavaScript fundamentals that are good for students. I also worked on my personal website for a bit by adding a /privacy page and /timeless page with a list of timeless links and products.


Daniel Shiffman from The Coding Train is so fun to watch, I've been watching a couple of his AI, machine learning focussed video's. Kyle Simpson has a course up on Frontend Masters for free that's a great introduction to JavaScript.

Media diet

Playing: Probably about halfway trough Ori and the Blind Forest for the Nintendo Wii.

Reading: Still reading Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss. It's good, but not life-changing.

Watching: Watched The Game Changers documentary on Netflix and am six episodes into Unbelievable.