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Weeknote 06

Weeknote 06

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Week: 6 ▪ Date: 2020-02-09

This was quite a busy week. Lot's of assessments and re-sits. It drains your energy very quickly. Even if it's just 4 / 5 hours a day (no full days) grading is mentally pretty demanding. You need to be sharp with every student no matter the time of day.

This week was also the first week of the Basic Teaching Qualification. What struck me was that all of us encounter the same 'problems' and there are a lot of similarities when teaching that are not related to specific course subject content. Our group has about +20 teachers that all work in different programs at our university. That difference and diversity of people's views and opinions about teaching is inspiring.

More to click


Started planning out the content and layout of a course website. One of my side projects is that I want to create more tutorials (online courses). So I started researching how to make good screencasts and how different popular course platforms are structured.


Didn't do a ton of learning this week. I usually set aside ~30 minutes a day to work on an online course but this week I didn't make time for it, I'm still trying to finish Kyle Simpson his front-end masters course.

Media diet

Playing: Finished Inside on the Playstation 4 over the weekend. Takes a couple of hours with a fantastic (weird) ending.

Reading: Started in Ultralearning by Scott H Young about how to learn and master skills quickly.

Watching: Parasite was so freaking good. On my wishlist for a very long time and oh did it deliver. I also watched the pilot of The Witcher and so far so good.