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Weeknote 47

Weeknote 47

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Week: 47 ▪ Date: 2019-11-24

We started the last course called 'front-end data' in the tech track of Communication and Multimedia Design at the Amsterdam University of Applied sciences. Students created a static d3.js visualization and are now adding interaction and events to make them more interactive.

Played around with monetization on my personal site, inspired by the Shop Talk Show episode 379. You can tip me with BAT if you are using the Brave browser.



Made a GitHub organization for Voight (wip), a small side project where I started working on front-end boilerplates and Syntax / UI themes. I'm currently making a static boilerplate using 11ty, the static site starter, and another one which includes Tailwind CSS. Deckard is the work in progress name for the UI themes. Still need to have a look and try out some other themes to gather inspiration from. Started with an an Alfred, Slack & Terminal theme and will move on to code editor themes.


I postponed this for a long time but I'm finally learning some frameworks to build a couple of sites I want to work on. Starting with React for some reason. I did this Scrimba React course to make some quick examples and play around with the syntax. Then onto the Framer Guide to React to learn some overarching principles. Next up are the plain ol' React docs and the React for Beginners video's from Wes Bos.

Media diet

Playing: Switching between Cuphead on the Nintendo Switch and God of War on the Playstation 4.

Reading: Finished a dutch book from Huib Modderkolk Het is oorlog, maar niemand die het ziet and currently reading the bundle of Columns from Ben Tiggelaar.

Watching: Abstract: The Art of Design on Netflix and West World season 2 on HBO.