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Weeknote 50

Weeknote 50

Monday, December 9, 2019

Week: 50 ▪ Date: 2019-12-09

Worked on the speaking request form for my personal website. It uses Netlify Forms which parses the HTML at build time. Setting it up was a breeze.

Currently looking at a couple newsletter providers to see if I can deliver these weeknotes (with some additions) as a weekly newsletter. seems like a good fit.

We had a CMD reconnect session, over 50 Alumni from our program joined for dinner to chat about topics from our curriculum. I was very interested in the gap between our program and actual jobs / internships. And if students were interested in teaching part-time.


Started working on the Zero Twenty group (wip) which is a private mastermind group for people building digital products. Here is the GitHub organization. The idea is to be a mastermind group, not a community. Working on the landing page, branding and the group governance.


Reading Shape Up from Ryan Singer about Product Development within Basecamp. Complementary read for anyone who's running Design Sprints.

Also working my way trough Working with Data and APIs in JavaScript from Daniel Shiffman (coding train) Good refresher for anyone dealing with server-side.

Media diet

Playing: Switching between Cuphead on the Nintendo Switch and God of War on the Playstation 4.

Reading: Finished a dutch book from Huib Modderkolk Het is oorlog, maar niemand die het ziet and currently reading the bundle of Columns from Ben Tiggelaar.

Watching: Abstract: The Art of Design on Netflix and West World season 2 on HBO.