tl;dr Hi! I'm Danny de Vries. Indie Maker creating products for the web, working with small companies trough my design studio and lecturer at CMD Amsterdam.

Portrait close-up of Danny de Vries

I'm passionate about design systems, brand identities, privacy, time well spent, interfaces and web development. My approach is organized, systematic and inclusive.

I live by these 10 principles.


I'm a lecturer and mentor at Communication and Multimedia Design, a human-centred and context-sensitive bachelor-level design education in the field of interactive digital products and services, at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. I lecture about designing for the web in the technical courses of our program such as; front-end, back-end & data visualization.


I like to speak at conferences, meetups and offices or give a guest lecture at your school or university. You should invite me. I share what I learn trough writing posts or online classes and courses.


I'm a big believer in digital side projects and continuously creating. A lot of what I do is open source.

I'm pretty good at tinkering with a Raspberry Pi, watching sci-fi series and playing indie games. When I'm offline I like to cook while listening to podcasts and reading books.


Back in the day

I graduated from CMD Amsterdam with a Bachelor of Science and started working at agencies like Fabrique and We Brand Creative working on projects for high-profile clients all while doing freelance projects on the side. I saw the good, the bad, and the ugly when it came to dealing with clients, project deadlines and agency culture and got fed up.

So I decided to only work on my own products or work with positive companies trough my design Studio Deckard. Shortly after graduating I was also asked to teach at the Amsterdam University and have been doing both ever since.