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If you like my speaking, writing, courses and projects you can consider supporting me.

I believe in making resources and products public and free (as in freedom, not free as in free frappuccinos) so people can build upon them. My resources are free but not cheap. You can decide how much my resources are worth (pay what you want).

Why support?

The income from these donations and members give me the financial freedom to enjoy life more than ever before. I'm a company of one (not payed by an e-corp) partly funded by individuals like you.

Thank you for supporting me.


I don’t run ads nor do I do this for profit. A donation however would help me cover my running costs. Things like subscriptions for software, audio and video gear and hosting costs.

Donate some money

Other ways

Don't give me anything if you can't miss it. Your attention and interest in my resources is worth more than any money. Simply being part of my work and sharing it is an valuable form of support. These are some other ways you can support me:


Cryptocurrency or tokens are also options. You can tip me using Brave Rewards with the Brave browser. Coil is also supported using the Coil browser add-on.