You can e-mail, chat or follow me on any of the social platforms. Find me on many places on the internet as @dandevri.


Oh, e-mail. I have a bit of a love–hate relationship with digital letters. The most formal way to reach me which usually yields a crafted response from me.


Informal way to reach me for quick questions and brief responses.


Best suited to keep track of what I'm doing without engaging in the matter. In order of most active

Ask Me Anything?

I host a #ama over on You can see if I already answered your question publicly! If it's not on there, ask it!

Why are you slow to respond?

I value my time and get quite a lot of mails and messages, often rather spend time making things. I've written about how I deal with mail and messages in this guide.

What gear do you use?

I'm an absolute Gearhead and EDC person. On this 'uses' pages I've listed all the software, hardware and tools that I use.

I need your corporate stuff!

If something has an exclamation mark on the end, is it a question? Dandevri is registered in the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce (VAT registered) under number 63938804.