Writing Workflow

By Danny de Vries

Since I'm trying to write more articles and post updates regularly to my personal site I set out to create a writing workflow.

Writing Editor


Last week I tested 12+ writing apps and explored what features I liked. Here are some takeaways:

After all that testing it struck me, VS Code has lots of these features already built-in. Can I just use VS Code as my default writing app?


VS Code has a zen mode to get rid of most of the UI. That is a quick win to make it feel more like a writing app. With the introduction of workspaces you can configure settings for specific folders. It's easy to change color themes based on the folders you are in. So I have workspace that puts me in my posts folder of the website. It then changes my color theme to White Night and sets the writing font to Duospace. I'll use cmd + b to toggle the sidebar to navigate files and use ctrl + backtick to open the integrated terminal to commit markdown files.


Becoming a better writer

Writing for designers by Scott Kubie is a great starter. For better technical writing the Shoptalk Show Episode with Rachel Andrew is a good listen.

Kind of writing

Style Guide

I'm still working on this part. The idea is to have some general quality guidelines. Currently looking at Smashing Magazine Style Guide, Shopify Voice and Tone, and MailChimp Voice and Tone.

Editorial process

Every time a new idea of an article pops up in my head. I'll add it to my writing Notion Board with initial thoughts and the resources where I got the idea from. Usually I'll also add a status and publishing date. I regularly run the text trough Grammarly and the Hemmingway Editor. After writing the post I do some final checks based on this smashing article template and create the assets for social sharing.

  1. Initial idea with resources
  2. Outline of the post
  3. First draft
  4. Revisions (or a review)
  5. Creating assets (banners, quotes etc.)
  6. Publish on personal website
  7. Share on social channels
  8. Comment and engage


Danny de Vries

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