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Most people keep all of this information carefully hidden, but I believe you have the right to know.

Some links to products on this website use affiliate links to e-commerce websites. If you purchase an item through one of these links, I receive a small kickback (often around 4-5%).

Some links are referral links. Whenever you sign-up using those services I get a small discount or kickback. You don't pay any extra and can even get discounts by using my links.

List of all referrals and/or affiliate links

I don't often create paid content, but when I do I fully disclose that information #influencer. Nobody can alter any content or my own thoughts. No short-term financial deal outweighs the long term value of creating the best content.


My content is often hosted on other (third-party) platforms. For example; I publish my video's on Youtube and through their AdSense program display ads are put in front of my video's. Just make sure you are using an Ad Blocker such as uBlock origin or alternatively create a Pi-hole.


The code of this website adds support for Brave Rewards and Coil. You can tip me using Brave Rewards with the Brave browser or use Coil is with the Coil browser add-on.