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Help me cover my running costs

I don’t run ads nor do I do this for profit. A donation however would help me cover my running costs. Donations go through Choose what you'd like to donate from the items below and click on the donate button below it.

€3 - A cup of coffee

Most of my writing happens in the morning while I'm commuting to the amsterdam university. A good quality coffee helps me get through the morning.


€5 - Sandwich for lunch

During lunch I often watch and read resources which I share in my newsletter. Buying me lunch makes sure I have something to eat while doing that!


€10 - Monthly subscription

Most of my work relies on other people's products and subscriptions which I pay for. Notion is a life saver. With this donation you can over a month of one of those subscription.


€25 - Hosting and transcription

The hosting of video's, courses and podcasts isn't cheap. This donation will cover the costs of hosting all these resources to make them available publicly and free.


€50 - Tech for my set-up

Making high-quality video's and podcasts requires some equipment. This money helps me improve the quality of those resources even more.


€XX.XX - Choose your amount

Or, choose your own amount!