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Here are the tools of the trade that I love to use. I recommend each item on this list and switch things up pretty often to see if something improves my workflow.

Set-up desk with all the gear

The Desk

This is the place where I spend most of my time. I make a living by teaching, coding and building digital products. My 'main' machine is a This is my main machine is a MacBook Po 13-inch (Late 2017 without touchbar) that I use 90% of the time. I'm not a huge fan of the keyboard and the health of the battery seems to decrease very quickly. Overall not my favorite computer but it's sleek, thin and I'm pretty locked in the Apple Ecosystem.

The other accessoires on the Desk are a Logitech MX Master 2S. Probably the most ergonomic mouse, it fits my hand perfectly. Lots of useful macro buttons that can be assigned to common actions within the Logitech software. I type on a Keychron K2 with Gateron Red switches and a Wooden Wrist Rest. It's wireless and has all the MacOS media keys. For additional MacOS gestures I use the Space Gray Magic Trackpad.

My monitor is a Dell UltraSharp 25-inch. Dell Monitors are the best bang for your buck. It's the perfect size for a monitor and is well designed. The color calibration is superb and has lots of I/O. Additionally I use a Dell D6000 as a docking station to connect all these devices and have a Elgato Stream Deck Mini attached to my desk as a macropad.

Audio & Video

Instead of using a webcam I opted for using an 'old' DSLR I had around. It's a Canon EOS 1200D. You can power it of a Dummy Battery so you don't have to replace the battery, it receives constant power. Then it's connected via the mini HDMI output into a HDMI usb capture card. To get a clean output I installed Magic Lantern.

My headphones are Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO's. It's a very clean and balanced reference headphone for listening to music and watching video's. Not a very overpowered bass and comfortable fit for long sessions. Whenever I need a little more punch I turn on my Yamaha HS7 speakers. They are so pretty. My microphone is a Rode Podmic on the Rode PSA1 boom arm with a Rode WS2 windscreen. Everything is connected with Stagg Cables to a Focusrite Scarlett Solo audio interface.


I've spend a lot of time looking for a solid desk and couldn't figure it. So for the time being I have a Ikea Bekant and two Ikea Alex drawers besides them. My monitor and laptop are on a monitor stand and I use a couple of Smallrig adapters to mount my audio and video gear. My office chair is a Ahrend 2020, I'm a bit taller and the back of this chair isn't the highest so I get a little bit of shoulder pain. I'm looking for a new one.


The iPad Pro 13 inch Space Gray is an almost laptop replacement for on the go. With the iPad OS update it's almost a full fledge workstation and with the keyboard cover and pencil typing and annotating documents are a breeze. Whenever I listen to music or Podcasts I use my Sony WH-H900N Wireless Headphones. Sleek design and a bit on the 'bass heavy' side which I like. My Smartphone is the iPhone SE 2020 and it's all I need a phone to do. Not the best camera, not the prettiest screen but very solid. Almost every device is protected by Spigen cases. I buy most of my books in physical form (paperback) but short, brief or e-books go on Kobo Clara HD eReader.

I have a small Lihit Lab 'tech pouch' with cables and other small accessoires My most used items in that pouch are my Logitech Spotlight Remote for public speaking, a Kable Card to have adapters for every device life throws at me, a Vanja SD card reader and a Satechi Dongle to connect all sorts of other devices.

Most of my thing are carred in my XD Design Bobby Pro Backpack which I backed on kickstarter before the launch. Lots of pockets and dividers, it has little features such as a card holder and key holder. It's water-resistant, looks techy and has a padded laptop compartment. On the Key Holder is an Orbit Key Active it keeps my keys neat and tidy and fits perfectly on the key holder. My cards are in a Secrid Slim Wallet and is compact enough to keep most of my cards and some loose cash. Can't live without the quick access pop-up card holder which is RFID blocking. On my wrist is most likely a Casio Watch, I'm in love with their classics and have a whole collection.


My home networking equipment is from Ubiquiti. Most of my devices are wired trough ethernet but I have a few UniFi AC Pro Access Points troughout the house. The Unifi Controller software and Pi-Hole run on a Raspberry Pi 4 with an Argon One Case. I have several lights (play bar, bulbs, light strips) and Switches (plugs) from Phillips Hue which are controlled on a Google Nest Hub.

For gaming I mainly use my consoles. My most used are the Playsation 4 and the Nintendo Switch. But I have almost every console released from 2000+. Sim Racing is another hobby of mine, for that I have Playseat Alcantara with a Thrustmaster T300 RS.

Looking for software? Here is a seperate apps page which I try to keep up-to-date with all the apps and utitiles I use. You can also find all of my gear on and most of my apps on Yourstack.