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Weeknote 03

Weeknote 03

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Week: 3 ▪ Date: 2020-12-09

The end of this semester is coming to an end and I'm working very hard on the back-end course and my web animation course for next semester at CMD Amsterdam. It will also my first year teaching in our 'beginner programming' course and I'm also doing an in-take for the Basic Teaching Qualification. Next week will be a busy week planning and organizing!

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These weeknotes are now part of a newsletter (which you are probably currently reading). I've chosen because of the good markdown experience and basic functionality, no fancy features.

Updates to my personal site include a /mistake page with, you probably guessed it, an incomplete list of my mistakes. I also wanted to track the progress of how my site changed (or evolved) over time so I'm consistenly saving my site to the and made an overview on /archive.


I started with Wes Bos his Beginner JavaScript course, not really for learning but seeing how Wes teaches tricky concepts. In a couple weeks, I'll teach a JavaScript Bootcamp and I'm looking for inspiration for the curriculum. That's why I'm also re-doing his JavaScript 30 course for exercise inspiration.

Media diet

Playing: Got my Sim Racing all set-up so I'm playing tons of Gran Turismo Sport on the Playstation 4 but also bought Ori and the Blind Forest for the Nintendo Switch.

Reading: Finished two college books from Cal Newport and started with Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss.

Watching: The Toys that made Us was a fun watch, I was waiting for Gommorah S4 to hit Netflix and it finally did.