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© Site made by Danny de Vries. You shall not steal.

This site is mostly powered by Hand Coding™ with a splash of 11ty and many plugins and packages. You can peek at the source on GitHub. It's hosted on Netlify. Feel free to submit a GitHub issue if you found a bug or spot a typo.

No cookies or third-party tracking scripts are embedded on this site. Privacy is more important than metrics.

Heavily inspired by the IndieWeb concept. I wanted to own my content and be in control of how my content is presented.

This site is committed to providing an experience that functions for the widest possible audience, regardless of technology or ability. It's tested on multiple browsers, conform AA level compliance for WCAG 2.1, audited with automating testing services and checked with a screen reader.

Layout and components are mostly from Every Layout and Inclusive Components. CSS follow the ITCSS architecture. Component folder structure is based on Atomic Design. Small design tweaks come from Refactoring UI.

I mostly used my hands to type on a keyboard but was accompanied by lots of different tools and products which are listed on this uses page.

It was designed design-tool free™, straight in the browser without any unecessary comps and mockups. No Adobe, Webflow, Wix or Squarespace.

The text is set in Simplon by Swiss Typefaceand [Redaction][redcation] by Titus Kaphar and Reginald Dwayne Betts. Icons from and other assets are created using Figma or Dotgrid.

I wanted to thank the people behind the technologies of this website and the people's personal websites I've taken inspiration from. So I did in this humans.txt file.

You can also view the changelog for a list of things on how this site evolved over time with new features and read more about the design and tech stack of this site.

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Thanks everyone!